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Executive coaching delivers measurable results because progress is monitored with an emphasis on personal accountability. Coaching deepens each client’s awareness of his/her unique strengths as a foundation for improvement. Clients are also challenged, supported and encouraged as they explore and practice new ways of doing things. Awareness of how some behaviors can be career limiting is the motivation to make the desired change.

Leaders learn how to close the “knowing-doing” gap in order to become truly "value added,” and as effective as possible. Our experts help realign an individual's ability for high performance to meet ongoing organizational change.

ICMF uses the latest and most effective leadership coaching techniques to foster this success. We begin with a comprehensive assessment that creates self-awareness and identifies individualized behavioral factors required to achieve success. ICMF helps leaders focus on what matters most. Our executive coaches are results-oriented and focus on sustainable performance improvements for both individuals and teams. All our coaches have senior level executive experience, in addition to coaching certification, and offer the support needed to address a wide variety of issues. We help our clients see issues for what they are, and work to discover solutions that are a right fit. In addition, our website offers a Clients Only section giving all our clients a variety of tools to assist in their progress. Coaching is confidential, convenient and cost effective. New knowledge and insight gives all participants a significant competitive edge.

We offer Academic Coaching to Students from various educational institutions, as part of our Schools Coaching Program. 

We offer Youth Leadership Coaching & Mentorship, as part of our Church Coaching & Mentorship Programs.

Smart Teens Coaching & Mentoring is one of our Schools Coaching Programs

The program is designed to help each individual realize their personal and professional goals, the program creates opportunities to build knowledge sharing and a stronger mentoring culture across within organisations. This program brings participants together through exclusive events alongside their one-to-one mentoring relationships. Participants are connected to experienced senior members. The program has an effective internal program to help build leadership capability, retention and a stronger culture of mentoring. Select high potential and talented emerging leaders are connected to senior executives within the organisation for a six to eight month period. Mentors offer insights and a fresh perspective on leadership, stakeholder management, broadening networks and career planning within the organisation. The program involves strategic matching, training, resources, networking opportunities and assessment against business objectives.

Career Coaching is one of our School Coaching Programs.

We offer Parenting Coaching as part of the Abuse and Addictive Behavior Module.

We offer Relationship Coaching both as part of our Schools Coaching Program and Church Coaching & Mentorship Programs (Couples and Pre-Marital Coaching).

We offer Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Coaching as part of our Schools Coaching Programs.

We offer Marital Coaching as part of our Church Coaching & Mentorship Programs

Each program is based on best practice and includes detailed interviews with participants, personal introductions, formal evaluation as well as observation and resources to help structure the process.

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Why Life Coaching?
by Admin ICMF - Sunday, 22 April 2018, 8:03 AM

This course offers a transformative training process that increases the consciousness awareness of who a person is. It explores and develops assumptions, constraints, and how they can limit individuals from experiencing the fullest expression of themselves, and from reaching their fullest potential. Emphasis is placed on authentic practice life coaching, that is, helping others to identify their dreams, recognizing what blocks their fulfillment, and then making them a reality.

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Our Mission
by Admin ICMF - Sunday, 22 April 2018, 8:02 AM

The ICMF is on a mission to position itself as a thought-leader in the field of coaching and mentoring so that this modality is accepted as an empowering catalyst for people to navigate life with self-awareness and responsibility.

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Contact Us & Join Now
by Admin ICMF - Sunday, 22 April 2018, 8:01 AM
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Our Core Values
by Admin ICMF - Sunday, 22 April 2018, 8:00 AM

I - Integrity
M - Motivation
P - Professionalism
A - Astuteness
C - Commitment
T - Team Work